Monday, October 15, 2018

IT officials warn CMR : 'Don't clash with Centre'

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After the IT raids on TDP MP CM Ramesh's properties by IT sleuths, the MP created some surprising statements. He same that the IT officers warned him of significant consequences if he didn't stop criticising the Centre.

He same one among the IT deputy administrators hinted that the IT searches on his properties were a results of him criticising the Centre. "The warrant didn't have my name. it had been on my wife's name. She isn't a director of Ritwik Industries, that was searched. They came with false data. The searches were conducted within the company that was closed ten years agone. And, they claimed that those documents area unit the proof," Ramesh discovered. 

On the opposite hand, if rumours area unit to be believed, apparently Ramesh's wife's phone was thrown within the garbage can by IT officers. whereas searches area unit an everyday affair, one wonders why the IT sleuths had to behave therefore ruthlessly with the MP's members of the family. 

Further, Ramesh conjointly same that there area unit some false reports that say that he has accounts in Allahabad Bank. "Neither I not will my company have any accounts in Allahabad Bank. Why would i want to stagnate it? will they reveal by checking account variety, if I do?," he questioned. 

The IT raids, that looks to be politically actuated, area unit same to be a results of Ramesh rigorous proof, as a member of Public Accounts Committee, for IT raids conducted earlier on AP Ministers & his fellow TDP MLAs.

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