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In Surur village, ironsmith Rajendra Pawar helps the impoverished with his ingenious innovations

This story is a component of a series on the everyday heroes of rural geographic area.

Rajendra Pawar has visited scrap dealers quite four,000 times within the past 3 decades. The 48-year-old metalworker from Surur village [Wai Taluka] in Satara district of geographic area has been mistreatment trash to create machines, bushed his free time.

“He loves physics,” says his elder female offspring Anuja World Health Organization is presently following her masters in history. Right from the childhood days, Rajendra has been stricken by speech impairment. He perpetually wished to review science and innovation, however couldn’t complete his education on the far side grade IV thanks to monetary constraints and ostracisation two-faced by the society at massive.

Rajendra has been activity the caste-based occupation of lohar [Blacksmith] for quite 3 decades currently. The brown surface of his space has witnessed the rust of machines, however none of the concepts have died. The villagers describe him as a ‘gifted creative person.’

His workshop is not any normal. From the first Nineteen Nineties, the area has witnessed the birth of many innovations.

Scrapping issues by mistreatment scrap material

Right from the childhood days, he has been inquisitive about turning scrap into innovative machines. His innovative concepts take form thanks to the issues that he has in person intimate or has seen within the society.

Anuja narrates, “Earlier [early 2000] we tend to didn’t have a mixer reception and my mother perpetually had to go to others’ homes to urge the spices ground.” The load shedding extra to the plight of mistreatment any electronic devices. mistreatment the waste iron, Rajendra then created a hand mixer that doesn’t need electricity. “Now we tend to don’t use the hand mixer, however it’s still there,” she adds.

Once he found atiny low rectangular formed metal scrap with lightweight Emitting Diodes [LED] embedded in it.

Immediately, he displayed the device, created some modifications within the circuit and extra a switch thereto. Now, he uses the device as associate degree on/off crystal rectifier torch.

Rajendra includes a fascination for the discarded crystal rectifier lights. once Diwali, he visited a scrap dealer and picked up many dysfunctional crystal rectifier lights. He opens his innovation box and explains to Maine however he destroyed all the crystal rectifier lights and later organized them within the form of a peacock that has currently become a crucial addition to his house.

“A ton of villagers come back to him and obtain their crystal rectifier and done in machines repaired that he doesn’t charge any cash,” says his 45-year-old married woman Sangita. His youngsters have currently started suggesting him concepts for planning machines by wanting au fait the net.

In 2009, Sangita saw somebody within the village temple scraping the coconut’s skin employing a robot. She mentioned the thought with Rajendra. once disbursal a handful of months, he designed his own version of a coconut peeler and currently makes it for the those who would like it.

A couple of ladies farmers spoke to him concerning their problems whereas operating within the field. straightaway, he started planning a machine which might currently be operated while not bending. The technology style attracted response from many girls farmers within the village. Today, he's famous because the solver mistreatment science and machines.

In his workshop, he redesigned the normal coal forge and has used a cycle wheel to pump within the air [to the coal]. Rajendra’s contribution extends even to the educational of children. He has created many iron toys for the village Anganwadi. mistreatment waste tin, he created a hand-crafted fan fifteen years agone that remains within the operating condition.

He has lost count of his innovations. “He doesn’t consult with United States of America concerning his concepts. He styles the machines so talks concerning it,” says Anuja. Currently, he's engaged on planning an enormous smoke-free stove.

“We didn’t even have a gate for this place wherever he's employed. Once a handful of thieves entered the area, luckily, they couldn’t steal something,” says Anuja. once the incident, he created this robust iron-gate that has survived quite a decade currently.

He additionally designed a cell charger from the scrap and has redesigned the waste speakers that have currently become a supply of amusement for him.


“We can’t sell his innovations as a result of we tend to don’t have any license for this,” says Sangita. He has not been able to build one rupee out of the unnumberable innovative machines. However, this has become no reason to prevent Rajendra from engaged on his concepts.

At the age of fifteen, he started operating beneath scrap dealers and was paid Rs two daily for eight hours of labor. once operating for some years, he started engaged on attachment comes in Satara town of geographic area [35 klick from his village]. For this, he would cycle daily. “Since he cannot speak, the contractors would get a lot of work done from him and paid him terribly less,” says Sangita.

After a handful of months, Sangita attended him at work and began serving to him. “I created certain that he was paid the adequate quantity,” she says.

After dropping by the wayside of the formal education system, he had a troublesome time handling the society at massive. “After wedding, he didn’t exit for many years thanks to the method society created fun of his incapacity,” says Sangita.

Anuja started teaching Rajendra basic Mahratti and English that ensured that he might scan and write. “Often whereas taking buses it became troublesome for him to know the path. Now, he will simply board a bus,” she says with pride.

The traditional form

Both Rajendra and Sangita build agricultural instrumentality daily. they start the work on eight within the morning and continue until six within the evening. Every day, they manage to earn somewhere between Rs three hundred and Rs four hundred for 10 hours of labor.

He works on his innovative concepts once finishing the day’s work. Sangita sells the metal agricultural instrumentality thrice every week within the village market. “Now, folks come back to our home directly,” she says.

Rajendra perpetually showed associate degree interest in learning new things. the normal occupation of the metalworker is dwindling thanks to the fashionable industries that sell the agricultural instrumentality less expensive. “It needs loads of diligence, however we tend to don’t get enough cash for the work. If we tend to take a loan, however can we tend to repay it?” she says.

Currently, Rajendra is functioning on his dream of teaching his youngsters. His youngest female offspring, Tanuja is getting ready for medical entrance exams from Pune town. All his four youngsters square measure following education and he has created certain that none of them drop out. so as to create ends meet, Anuja works eight hours daily during a firm in Wai taluka and is additionally finishing her education. “We wish to create our children’s future and thus we tend to work therefore exhausting,” says Sangita.

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