Thursday, October 4, 2018

I'm Not A Terrorist

Release Date: 06 oct 2018,Hindi


Ummar a geographical area born World Health Organization been living in Asian country for the past fifteen years, sent off from geographical area by his mother to stay him off from the coercion that have settled their family.

Ummar on his graduation day finds out that his mother in geographical area is sick. He had to travel back to go to his mother, DAYANA facilitate him to buy a ticket to travel back to his town with the interest to go to geographical area herself because of her curious and courageous nature, Dayana buys each tickets and follow Ummar to geographical area.

They reach a marginalized and tiny village. That night Dayana finds out the $64000 reason why Ummar was sent to Asian country fifteen years past. His father, Abdul Rasyad was defendant as terrorist once he blew off himself within the middle of atiny low city. several innocent folks were killed that day and he was labeled  as terrorist. The mother quickly sent Ummar to Asian country to measure together with her sister and she or he stirred to a additional secluded village to avoid from all those those that hate them.

Abu Zar could be a native mobster and terrorist wannabee. Fifteen years past, because of his lust for power, Abu Zar pledged his allegiance to Maulana Kabira, the leader of a political movement that resides in alternative country. With such a robust backing from the Maulana, Abu Zar terrorized his own countryman with bombing and alternative inarticulate  acts. one in every of his victims was Rasyad, the daddy of the Ummar. sadly, Dayana was noticed within the market and raised Abu Zar’s interest whom includes a very little arrange for her. Mustaffar is Abu Zar’s chief assistant and been operating along since a few years as they grow stronger within the region.

Abu Zar’s arrange have unfree Dayana beside Ummar into another bombing attack that he wish to accomplish presently within the name of Islam. Ummar can currently have to be compelled to safe Dayana and geographical area from another such attack and beat Abu Zar.

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