Monday, October 15, 2018


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It’s been a moment since we tend to detected concerning HTC acting on a blockchain-powered smartphone referred to as ‘Exodus’. whereas we tend to were hoping to check the phone launched by currently, we would finally have a confirmed launch date, that is twenty two Oct.

The team acting on the Exodus, has created an avid Instagram account named “htc.exodus” and denote 2 teasers of the smartphone. The teasers don’t reveal any specifications of the phone nonetheless however the newest post will reveal the launch date and a glimpse of however the phone appearance.

From what we all know to date, the Taiwanese big has roped back the instrumental figure behind its Vive VR telephone receiver, Phil Chen, to require charge of the company's blockchain and cryptocurrency connected analysis. whereas the corporate has steered clear from revealing something concerning Exodus, there’s additionally little or no info around on what to expect from a “blockchain smartphone”. That’s as a result of this can be the primary smartphone of its kind and therefore the manner we tend to see it, it can be wrong to treat it like each different smartphone.

From no matter speculative info we tend to do have of the Exodus from AN older report, the phone is predicted to feature a universal pocketbook and a secure hardware district inside the phone to support cryptocurrencies and suburbanized applications. We’re just about certain on what the “secure hardware enclave” is predicted to try to to, however we are going to decide in time.

HTC is additionally coming up with on making its native blockchain network with all Exodus units acting as nodes to permit cryptocurrency commercialism among users of the phone.

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