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Story: guided missile (Aniket Vishwasrao) Associate in Nursing trigger-happy, however economical worker during a travel company falls taken with with Priya (Sneha Chavan). His boss Jawalkar (Ashok Saraf) guarantees to assist him woo the lady, provided he starts operating additional responsibly. however shortly Jawalkar realises that guided missile is taken with along with his girl.

Review: guided missile typically bunks work to support his philandering ways that till at some point once he falls taken with with Priya. desperate to woo her, he another time lies to Jawalkar posing for a leave, solely to be caught red two-handed. once he comes clean regarding his feelings for Priya, Jawalkar agrees to assist him pursue the girl of his dreams.
So far, fine. However, the motion picture takes a Golmaal (1979) like flip with guided missile pretence to own a twin UN agency is wooing Priya, as a result of guided missile is aware of that his boss would ne'er agree for his or her union. however once a true lookalike of his comes into the image (rather suddenly) chaos ensues.
The director has tried to combine multiple plots along giving justice to none. Done to death jokes plus a weak and shopworn story create the film flop. Even at two hours twelve minutes, the film feels stretched.
For the bit that appears to be influenced by Golmaal, Ashok Saraf and Aniket Vishwasrao step into Utpal Dutt and Amol Palekar’s shoes, however fail create a cut. Saraf appears brings back his characteristic 90s sort of acting back and is alright. But Aniket, UN agency was sensible in his last unharness, Maska, fails to form a control. The lackluster script is partly responsible too.
The motion picture slips on several fronts – the execution, confusing mish mash of stories and a rather mediocre performance by the lead combine. you'll provide this one a miss.

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