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Story: AN older couple is considering moving out of their previous living accommodations and shifting to a high-rise. however is that the thought of moving to a replacement home far-fetched? What ups and downs do they are going through?

Review: A house is wherever the guts is; that is the most typical belief among folks. simply the four walls do not create a home, however the folks living there and therefore the recollections the produce do. the subject is such loads will be done around it, provided the story is weaved in an exceedingly method that brings out the nuances. Home Sweet house is supported this terribly conception. However, it does not do complete justice to the subject.

The film revolves around Vidyadhar Mahajan (Mohan Joshi) and Shyamal (Reema Lagoo, in her final role on screen), one or two that has spent their lives in AN previous living accommodations. laid low with knee-pain, Shyamal needs to shift to a replacement living accommodations, specifically a high-rise, that encompasses a elevate, to ease out the pain. On the opposite hand, Vidyadhar is happy living wherever he's as he has spent his life there and feels asleep there. The person within the story is that the broker Sopan (Hrishikesh Joshi) WHO helps paint their dream of owning a replacement home.

Home Sweet house is like those WhatsApp forwards that have lovely lines and life lessons however hardly matter in our daily lives. Despite having huge names related to it, the film is stagnant which does not facilitate the cause. The dialogues and things area unit the same as films round the same topic that are done before, solely the setting changes from a chawl/ previous living accommodations to a high rise tower here.

For a movie to stay you hooked, it has to progress and this one does not. So, despite the characters being carved  out superbly and being depicted well too by the actors, Home Sweet Home fails to attain the required impact on the viewer.

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