Thursday, October 4, 2018

Helpless Pooja leaves It to Tarak & Trivikram

Lead actresses sometimes ensure to attend all the events of a movie, particularly after they area unit in desperate want of a hit. Pooja Hegde skipped the prerelease event of Aravinda Sametha and she has an evidence for that. Pooja flew off to Jaisalmer for an additional film's shoot and then she couldn't build it.

Looks like it's attending to happen in the course of the discharge and later too. Pooja Hegde most likely will not be attending any promotional event or interview for Aravinda Sametha and she or he reportedly apologized to Tarak, Trivikram for her absence and inaccessibility.

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Pooja Hegde has already joined the plan Housefull four at foreign locations and she or he are going to be flying to Prabhas's new film shoot from there. Pooja is super busy with previous commitments that she is attempting her best to steal very little time between shoots to fly down here to push Aravinda Sametha post-release.

Pooja is unquestionably not that heroine, WHO demands further remuneration for promotions or the one WHO disowns a movie right once the end of shooting. allow us to see if she is going to be ready to realize a while to push Aravinda Sametha presently.

If Pooja gets therefore busy while not a success film up to now, what happens if she scores a blockbuster with Aravinda Sametha?

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