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Helicopter Eela Story: supported a Gujarati play ‘Beta, Kaagdo’, chopper Eela is that the story of one mother, UN agency makes her son’s well-being, the sole purpose of her life. however can she find yourself losing herself and her son during this relentless pursuit.

Helicopter Eela Review: Sunita Rao’s tripping ‘Pari Hoon Main’ enjoying on radio welcomes you to the planet of Eela Raiturkar (Kajol). A budding singer of the 90s, she doesn’t board the past, however her world currently revolves round her 20-year-old son Vivaan (Riddhi Sen). She follows him around within the real and virtual world; all the thanks to his faculty, wherever she turns up as a fellow student, too. 

It’s associate degree exciting premise and director Pradeep Sarkar sets the stage for a people confrontation right at the start. However, he chooses to pay the primary [*fr1] taking U.S.A. into the nice ol’ nineties, wherever Indie Pop dominated music charts and cake Sehgal’s raps were a rage. 

In the half, writers Anand Gandhi and Mitesh Shah of Iran convey the ups and downs within the lifetime of a young couple (Kajol and Tota Roy Chowdhury) with conviction. The film stays on track with lightweight banter between the characters and therefore the story progresses systematically while not abundant comedy. A fun audio recording by Amit Trivedi, with kinky lyrics, conjointly adds to the momentum.

Kajol hits all the correct notes, be it as a singer on the cusp of hit super high status, or as a loving mother. She lights up the screen with a simple charm. Tota Roy Chowdhury adequately pitches in as her supportive  partner. However, there's an understandable lack of chemistry between the 2. National Award-winner Riddhi subunit, UN agency is acclaimed for his performances in Bengali cinema, achieves the emotional scenes with discreetness, however his comic temporal arrangement might are higher. Neha Dhupia performs well in her restricted role, too. however the film belongs to Kajol, UN agency dominates each frame. Her portrayal of one mom’s love for her solely kid is convincing, enduring and deserves commendation. 

In the last half, director Pradeep Sarkar typically comes getting ready to giving wings to his protagonist, however that doesn’t happen until the terribly finish. throughout this [*fr1], the mother joins the son in faculty and there’s ample chance for comedy, however that doesn’t ever play out. whereas the mother-son conflict is that the core of the story, their resistance scenes become a small indefinite amount too repetitive. 

Overall, chopper Eela may be a fun ride that manages to land safely despite some turbulence. Watch this easy and lovable  tale of motherly love together with your mammy in tow.

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