Friday, October 19, 2018

He Lost Huge With Chiranjeevi!

Popular distributor Ashok lost lakhs with Chiranjeevi

Ashok Kumar

The name Ashok Kumar reminds one among forbidding land lord in Vijaya Shanti's blockbuster film Osey Ramulamma. he's noted in Tollywood as a distributor, exhibitor, producer and actor. he's the brother in law and kinsman of star producer D Ramanaidu.

Speaking to scribes he disclosed " I met Ramanaidu when turning distributor once he was creating Kathanayakudu with Balakrishna. but he wasn't keen as he felt that if I create losses i will be able to come back to him and he ought to compensate the losses. At that point I didn’t grasp that and got angry why he's not giving the distribution rights. At a similar time I had taken 2 different films and people became winning. 

Balakrishna's market was three.5 lakhs per district at that point. after I asked he told five lakhs. when per week after I visited him with five lakhs, he demanded six.5 lakhs and later seven and nine lakhs. I got angry and that i nonheritable NTR's Veerabrahmendraswami Charitra rights for twenty three lakhs for every district. it absolutely was a large quantity and Ramanaidu got a shock started curious however I nonheritable the rights. I on the loose with minimum profits. Later Ramanaidu accepted ME. succeeding week I nonheritable 3 films however I created large losses. I lost fourteen lakhs with Chiranjeevi's Chantabbayi. when few years, i made a decision to try and do a movie. 

Venkatesh's Kaliyuga Pandavulu started its initial schedule. I went and gave advance to Ramanaidu WHO declared Venkatesh’s next would be with ME. But, that film Raktha Tilakam discharged as ninth film that collected well. inside six months I did Dhruva Nakshatram with Venkatesh. The film clad to be super hit and from then on I started basic cognitive process in Ganapathy Sastri WHO wont to take ME to Kanchi Sankaracharya."

I ne'er thought of doing a movie with Prabhas. when Premante Idera, I planned to try and do a movie with Tharun. however after I met Roja Ramani she aforesaid let's have a look at and didn’t tell something. throughout that point a proposal came to launch my son Jayanth as hero. throughout that point he was doing engineering and his studies can get affected so I refused. 

Someone told ME then that Suryanarayanaraju's son Prabhas was there. we tend to met and Jayanth too aforesaid Ok. At that point Allu Aravind's son Allu Arjun too was undergoing coaching. we tend to took his photos and additionally met few of them when business a paper ad. Finally I consulted whom to require when vocation all the candidates. 

Jayanth and Paruchuri brothers steered Prabhas for Eshwar. throughout that itself everybody determined to try and do Prabhas' next too. however I told them that not currently however our fourth film. Later Prabhas too didn’t inquire from me regarding it and even I didn’t raise.”

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