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At the created by Google launch event control in big apple, it’s currently clear that Google has down the art of doing a lot of with less. And that’s a decent issue.
Google undraped the successors to its constituent smartphone line-up with the standard-sized constituent three (for traditional humans) and an even bigger constituent three XL that essentially gets you identical core options with an even bigger battery and a big show notch (more sort of a notch with a show connected to it) for those that area unit into that stuff.
But as was witnessed from the presentation at the launch event, Google didn’t speak specifications. In fact, Liza Ma, a Google product manager, and Brian Rakowski, vp of product management, barely touched upon hardware, except once it came to style (and a mention of the new security chip). This once more shows Google’s reliance on computer code innovation, whereas different makers battle it bent on deliver smartphones with triple cameras and even quad-cameras on the rear of their devices.

While lesser hardware conjointly means that lower part prices for Google, it conjointly helps the constituent complete deliver a slimmer style giving them more room within to feature different important parts, like new security chip referred to as Titan M. In short, with only one camera at the rear, your smartphone can look less discouraging to your subjects likewise.
So, as Huawei (P20 Pro) and Samsung (Galaxy A7) keep adding cameras at the rear, Google makes them seem like fools, by delivering similar or perhaps higher image quality exploitation only one camera exploitation the ability of machine learning, laptop vision and computer code.

Google’s constituent three camera innovations so create the new camera’s on Apple’s iPhone XS look drab and old skool. whereas we've nevertheless to check the 2 camera behemoths during a elaborated camera comparison, let’s have a glance at what the new constituent three delivers exploitation simply computer code and one camera.
Top Shot
The new feature reduces the requirement to re-take an image that either came out fuzzy, with closed eyes or a composition that typically gets disregarded once our shots aren't regular right. prime Shot essentially could be a integral feature that doesn't have to be compelled to be activated however works out-of-the-box within the default camera mode.

Click an image with Motion set to ON or motor vehicle and if somebody blinked, you just faucet to open the image you only clicked and prime Shot can get you variety of pictures each before and when your capture, that has been hold on within the camera buffer. These area unit high-quality HDR pictures that are shot before and even when the image you've got captured virtually supplying you with the power time travel. The cool bit here is that this works for pictures {that you|that you simply|that you simply} have just clicked (with Motion ON/AUTO) and may be handpicked at a later time likewise since all the pictures area unit hold on. this may but take up some area.
Super Res Zoom
Aptly named, this is often Pixel’s version of digital zoom that permits you to take clearer photos exploitation identical camera at the rear (there’s just one here, to start with). however rather than simply cropping the output from the detector as most different smartphones do, the constituent three can shoot a burst of photos, as your hand naturally moves (pitches) back and forth whereas composing. Then it uses knowledge from all {the pictures|the pictures|the photographs} to deliver a lot of elaborated images once zoomed in, than what you get from a daily digital zoom mode on different smartphones.. As mentioned by Brian Rakowski, identical technology is being employed to image the surface of Mars. So yes, the inspiration is out of this world so.
Group Selfie Cam
Indeed, this is often the one space wherever Google did add an additional camera (or hardware), on the front. The setup delivers wider selfie shots branded because the cluster Selfie Cam which will not solely widen the sector of read, however conjointly helps you get a lot of folks within the frame. whereas different makers like Oppo have done this within the past, Google’s implementation of identical within the camera UI makes the transition from commonplace to wide, sleek and seamless exploitation simply the scrubber at rock bottom to zoom out of a frame whereas shooting exploitation the selfie camera.
Night Sight
Night Sight is associate approaching feature that once more uses the ability of machine learning to provide spirited images in dim or low lightweight conditions. The sweetening uses machine learning to work out the correct colors during a dimly lit scene. Google at the presentation claimed that this virtually eliminates the requirement for employing a flash that usually leads to blown out highlights in low lightweight pictures. Night Sight arrives on the Google constituent three and older constituent devices in November.
Motion motor vehicle Focus
If you've got subjects (kids, pets) that area unit too active to remain still and cause for you, the Pixel’s Motion motor vehicle Focus could also be the answer. All you've got to try and do is faucet on your subject and therefore the camera can track and keep the topic focused  all the time.
Advanced Portrait Mode
While the Portrait mode employing a single lens blew North American nation away last year, Google has extra some enhancements to the mode that permits you to tweak those photos likewise. The Portrait mode currently permits you to edit the depth of field, modification the focal subject of the photograph and even modify the colors, like on associate iPhone.
Google has so turned smartphone photography into a science by exploitation difficult algorithms to method the minutest distinction between images to deliver higher quality pictures exploitation lowest camera hardware. Thankfully, all of these difficult calculations area unit done behind the scenes, which means all of you'll concentrate on capturing the instant.

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