Sunday, October 14, 2018


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Google mechanically backs up heaps of essential app information and different things like decision history to Google Drive. this can be to confirm that shift between phones do not become too cumbersome. However, golem Pie changes many things with backups and the way they're hold on.

The changes proclaimed by Google in a web security diary reveal that the corporate is currently implementing measures that make sure that even Google will not scan your information.

Troy Kensinger, Technical Program Manager of golem Security and Privacy at Google writes that "devices will profit of a replacement capability wherever backed-up application information will solely be decrypted by a key that's every which way generated at the shopper." This secret's supported the user's lock screen positive identification, that is not unconcealed to Google.

That's not all. This passcode-protected secret's then encrypted to a Titan security chip on Google's servers. "The Titan chip is designed to solely unharness the backup cryptography key once conferred with an accurate claim derived from the user's passcode," writes Kensinger. In short, the Titan security key won't decode any of your info unless it detects that you simply have used your passcode to request for a cryptography.

As noted in a very report by golem Police, Google additionally employed a security firm, NCC cluster to confirm there have been no loopholes here. NCC cluster did stumble upon many problems and that they were punctually fastened by Google.

The only factor we have a tendency to aren't terribly certain concerning is that that phones are literally capable of backing up information victimisation this new methodology. Having golem Pie put in is unquestionably one among the crucial stipulations however Google has not unconcealed the other necessities to date.

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