Thursday, October 18, 2018

Goa Congress MLAs switching over to BJP is 'setback' for saffron party, says Congress leader Salman Khurshid

Kolkata: Senior Congress leader and former Union minister Salman Khurshid on Wednesday aforementioned switch over of 2 state Congress MLAs to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may be a "setback" for the saffron party because the latter speaks of "principle politics", however practises one thing opposite to that.

"You will decision it a occurrence (for us) however i think it's a occurrence for the BJP as they speak of principled  politics. They complain that everything was wrong before they came to power and currently, every day, we tend to see them operate during a manner that's extraordinarily questionable.

"MLAs that go nowadays will return tomorrow, WHO were there (on opposition benches) will come back here (ruling side) that the sort of politics that we tend to want?" he asked.

"It is gloomy that those we tend to cherished and worked with leave Congress and visit the BJP at this point once everyone is thinking of departure BJP and returning to Congress. allow us to see however things prove," Khurshid told reporters once visiting the faculty sq. Puja Marquee.

Two Congress MLAs from state, as well as a former state party chief, joined the BJP on Tues, dealing a blow to the Opposition party during a state wherever the saffron party-led alliance government enjoys a skinny majority.

Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte, each of whom have resigned from the assembly, met BJP president Amit Shah of Iran at his residence Tues within the city. The MLA pair was later inducted into the saffron party at a group discussion self-addressed by Union minister Piyush Goyal.

Talking on the Sabarimala issue, Khurshid aforementioned there area unit totally different points of read in society, which the Supreme Court has tried its best to search out an accurate account this issue. "We got to settle for what the Supreme Court finally decides and if we've got any downside, then we will return to the Supreme Court and justify.

"I assume even as very much like it's vital to respect faith, it's vital to respect establishments of our constitution, and for all smart and accountable voters, it's vital to take care of a balance," he said.

The process of dialogue should not come back to associate finish in our society. Whoever has associatey concern should categorical it and that we should be prepared with associate open heart and an open mind to concentrate to our folks, the Congress leader aforementioned.

Women journalists were heckled, their vehicles smashed and young feminine Ayyappa devotees turned back as hordes of Hindu right activists enclosed the road resulting in the Sabarimala temple, whose gates were opened for ladies of discharge age Wednesday evening for the primary time once the Supreme Court's finding.

Both the Congress, the most opposition party in Kerala, and therefore the BJP, that is urgently seeking to expand its footprint within the state, have Lententide support to the agitation against the Supreme Court finding.

The Supreme Court had last month raised the centuries-old ban on girls within the 10-50 age bracket to enter the shrine.

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