Monday, October 1, 2018

Geetha Madhuri Earned More Than Kaushal From Bigg Boss

Kaushal South-Central Dravidian competed with Geetha Madhuri within the final of Bigg Boss programme and won against her to grab the title in addition because the award. But, a remarkable observation reveals that Geetha Madhuri goes to earn over Kaushal in terms of the remuneration. whereas creating the agreements with Bigg Boss, the favored singer had united to try and do this show providing she is given second highest remuneration per day and Tejaswi being the very best.
As Tejaswi was eliminated at the start itself, Geetha continuing staying within the house for 112 days and he or she are going to be receiving a high quantity as a remuneration that Kaushal conjointly won’t get. A buzz states that Geetha Madhuri’s remuneration per day is sort of double than Kaushal’s.

Release Date: 01 oct 2018.

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