Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Facebook has recently been on the measuring system for all the representative ill-effects of social media — invasion of privacy, bullying, cybercrimes. You name it and Facebook may have already got been created answerable for that.

It appears that perhaps it's finally dawned on Facebook that it must defend its users because it introduces new tools and programs on its platform to regulate harassment and bullying on Facebook.

Delete or hide offensive comments

The company says that it's return up with a hide or delete possibility, which might facilitate the user to delete multiple comments right away from the choices menu of their post.

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The feature is claimed to arrive on desktops and mechanical man. it'll roll out on iOS within the returning months. The arrival date is not specific however.

The platform is additionally testing ways that to dam words which may be offensive from showing in comments.

Report on behalf of somebody else

The option to report a comment has been there for a jiffy currently, however if the victim doesn't feel snug in reportage a bully or a harasser, somebody on their behalf will have a go at it for them. this may be then reviewed by Facebook's Community Operations team and can be determined whether or not it's violating the platforms Community Standards.

Request to charm

Facebook will be giving its users an opportunity to charm. Earlier it absolutely was declared that posts that violate Facebook's standards for nudeness, gender, hate speech or graphic violence, would lean a chance to request for a second review. Now, these pointers embody bullying and harassment still.

So if your post has been taken down, you'll request for one more review. Also, if you have got reported  a selected content and Facebook hasn't taken it down you'll charm for it to be taken down once more.

Facebook has conjointly partnered with "National Parent lecturers Association within the North American nation to facilitate two hundred community events in cities in each state to handle tech-related challenges visaged by families, as well as bullying interference. and that we support a program in Bharat that has educated tens of thousands of children regarding on-line safety, thoughtful sharing, and privacy and security."

Facebook has time and once more been criticized for its functioning, with violent videos streaming on-line to being behind the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. however it's even taken, perhaps not enough although, measures to handle harassment and worrisome content on its platform.

The platform has started taking measures to curb the menace of pretend news, harassment, privacy violations, making a parent portal then on, however there is still an extended means for the social media big to travel to wash up all its mess. handled harassment and worrisome content on its platform.

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