Wednesday, October 17, 2018


You know however Instagram helps you to ‘unsend’ messages on the Direct Message (DM)? Reportedly, Facebook is testing an identical feature for the Facebook traveller additionally.

This was 1st observed by Jane Manchun Wong, a known social media consultant. Her post includes 2 screenshots that show her mistreatment the Unsend Message feature. From what we will tell, this may be just about just like the feature on Instagram. You long press and hold on the message you wish to delete, you may see associate degree choice to Unsend Message. Once you are doing, the message are going to be removed for each you and also the recipient of the message.

Wong more adds that the ASCII text file indicates that users can solely have a restricted time-frame to unsend the message they need sent. almost like the 'Delete for Everyone' feature on WhatsApp.

It is still unclear on once Facebook really began to take a look at the feature, and once and if will it will roll it out for all the users.

At the time of writing the story, after we checked, we tend to didn’t see the feature on our Facebook traveller. It’s possible the feature is being tested with simply a number of users in an exceedingly tiny region.

Facebook’s intentions of rolling out associate degree 'Unsend Message' feature for traveller was 1st disclosed back in April this year. And this intention was up from a report that went infectious agent concerning however Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had deleted some messages from the recipient's inbox. The news created loads of issues for the social networking large because the traveller app didn’t have associate degree unsend button and lots of saw it as a violation of trust.

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