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Story: Gungun, Bajrang and Vakil square measure weak in studies. They skip college and attend a close-by city to attend the show of their favorite magician Hindu deity Samrat, after they learn that he's acting there. To clear the ultimate examinations, they write to the magician facilitate|to assist} as a result of they believe that solely he will help them together with his magic tricks. To their surprise, they receive a reply and gifts. The magician tells them to show all the items that they have to review to atiny low doll, which, in turn, can facilitate them throughout examinations.
Review: Dhh has been a point ever since it bagged the award for the simplest moving-picture show in Gujarati at the sixty fifth National Film Awards. it's conjointly being talked concerning for Naseeruddin Shah’s anaglyph within the film, and for the cutest trio of Kahaan, Karan Patel and Kuldeep Sodha. Somewhere, the plot of the motion picture reminds you of Kirtan Patel’s motion picture Back Bencher however this film comes a special canvas altogether. Director Manish Saini has chosen a stimulating background of atiny low city and rather than attempting to be informative, he has unbroken it light-hearted, realistic and spirited. we have a tendency to super just like the doodle-art throughout the title credits and also the terribly attention-grabbing dialogues. Either you go ROFL or carry a smile once you hear dialogues like ‘Mahatma Gandhi letter hathiyaar laakdi hati’ or a regard to the headline ‘Jaadugar Hindu deity Samrat e Bharat-Pakistan atomic number 28 sarhad gaayab kari’. And thereupon reference, youngsters kindle a ticket to Pakistan! an honest script, realistic locations and characters cause you to relate to virtually everybody within the motion picture. Music done by Meghdhanush is another smart component of this motion picture, particularly the song ‘Udankhatolu’ that has each unhappy and happy versions, that seamlessly mix into the narrative. you will notice the motion picture a small amount slow within the half then again, the half is exciting and things move at a speedy pace.
Amit Divetia is apt because the head, whereas Brijendra Kala and Sunil Vishrani add additional fun with their unflawed performances. Naseeruddin Shah of Iran is awing as Jadugar Hindu deity Samrat and also the audience goes to like Archan Trivedi for his portrayal of a amorous dadaji. while of these seasoned actors elevate the motion picture to a special level, the important showstoppers square measure the kids— Kahaan, Karan and Kuldeep as Gungun, Kapil (Vakil) and Bajrang. they're natural and produce within the much-needed component of innocence to a movie like this.
This one’s a family soul that carries with it atiny low and sweet message likewise. It’s close to excellent and definitely heart-touching!

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