Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Deverakonda Shocking Letter to Haters

Vijay Deverakonda's Letter to Haters

Happening young hero Vijay Deverakonda appears to possess been pissed off a bit with NOTA's result. Post the main success of Geetha Govindam Vijay's craze knew no bounds. And then, expectations fermented high on the success of NOTA. a lot of to the hero's shocker, the film announce poor numbers at the price ticket windows and resultantly, it became a dud. 

On the opposite hand, Vijay looked as if it would are aggravated with Telugu states' media for criticizing the film. As such, he announce a letter to his detractors that|during which|within which} he heaped-up praises on Madras media which indirectly a wittiness on Telugu media. Yet, Vijay assured that he would exercise on criticisms and would learn from them. Following is that the letter announce by Vijay in his Twitter handle. 

"To everybody United Nations agency goes to the cinema on behalf of me Love. And to all or any United Nations agency hope others fail and celebrate it Smile. i will be able to not build excuses, I take responsibility, i'm pleased with NOTA. it is a story I needed to inform, a personality explored and a performance delivered. 

Tamil Nadu, the national media and every one the audience United Nations agency favourite it here, your love has been received. All the frustration and criticism is taken seriously, it'll be studied, the misestimation on my aspect corrected, selections evaluated and work place in however the perspective won't modification.

A success or failure is not what makes or breaks a Rowdy. The day you stop, give in, give up, that is once you stop being one. And being Rowdy is not concerning simply winning, it's fighting for that win, it's associate perspective that burns within United States, thus be proud rowdies, keep fighting. 'Gelusthe Gelustamm Leda Nerchukuntamm'

For those that square measure celebrating this, ippude pandaga cheskondi. i will be able to be back.

Rowdy for life!

Your man.

Vijay Deverakonda."

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