Monday, October 29, 2018


Rating: 2.0/5

Dassehra Review: an honest man fighting against the corrupt political system is a concept that’s nearly done-to-death in Hindi cinema. Yet, the formula of a quintessential hero fighting a gang of dangerous guys, continually holds promise for an action film. Dassehra, working with the old metaphor of excellent winning over dangerous, looks like a movie that you’ve probably seen 100 times before. The Rohit Shetty-style over-the-top action sequences, with baddies flying off in several directions, looks smart in slow motion, but it feels jaded, too. For viewers seeking a film with action, item numbers and paisa-feko dialogues, Dassehra has the proper amount of masala. It’s simply that the formula-driven narrative of the film looks like it’s older than the Ramayana itself.

Aditi Singh (Tina) and rudra (Neil) are honest to a fault. They love each other with a similar passion that they uphold the law in their profession as cops. when the suicide case of 4 college ladies looks like it’s actually cold-blooded murder, they stumble into the dark and deceitful world of corrupt politicians and their muscle-men. A tragic twist puts rudra into Singham-meets-Dabangg mode and he beats the dangerous guys into a pulp. The writing by Saurabh Chaudhary and Varadraj swami is uninspiring. The film is also overly generous with item and dance numbers like Maee Re and Joganiya, that only end up adding to the length of the film.

In a brief role, Tina Desai plays the trendy, independent woman with ease, while Neil Nitin Mukesh pulls off the large hero with gusto. but the baddies, played by Manish Vatsalya and Govind Namdeo, are simply not convincing enough. even though, Dassehra may be a fast watch, the dated content and the loud background score turn it into a true hotchpotch.

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