Monday, October 8, 2018



Story: As teenagers inquisitive about sex, Kabir, Dhungya and Dhairya undertake a challenge to place their senior and arch nemesis Naru down. however to win the challenge, a symbol of finishing the task should be submitted.

Review: when ringing within the boodle at the Box workplace last year, the second installment of the Boyz franchise, Boyz 2, sheds lightweight on this generation's dependence on social media and their analysis of self-worth supported the likes and views of their posts.

Dhungya (Parth Bhalerao), Dhairya (Pratik) and Kabir (Sumant Shinde) ar currently in college. like several stripling, Kabir is inquisitive about sex . He desires to lose his status and thus, Dhungya and Dhairya take him to a bordello. however he backs out.

Enter Chitra, a brand new woman within the faculty, United Nations agency Kabir is loving with. throughout their category trip to Ladakh, he tries to induce on the point of her with the intention of getting a physical relationship. However, after with respect for her desires, he steps back. By then, the college authorities ar alert to the 'challenge' which lands these students in hassle.

Boyz a pair of bears a putting likeness to its 1st half, principally within the manner it's dead. The similar jokes and antics of the trio that's up to no smart, makes the moving picture sure. however director Vishal Devrukhkar makes positive that the story, things and therefore the punchlines ar relatable - particularly for the college-going age bracket. Moreover, the film has additionally tried to the touch upon the unwell effects of technology, if it isn't used responsibly.

In terms of performances, the impeccable comic temporal order of the 3 protagonists succeeds in creating the viewers laugh. they need managed to stay up to the expectations engineered when the primary half. Girish Kulkarni, United Nations agency makes a short look during this film, displays reminder his role from quicker Fene, whereas Sharvari Jamenis, United Nations agency essays the role of Kabir's auntie, portrays the character effortlessly.

On the flip facet, handling a problem like social media addiction has to be handled with a precise bearing and Boyz a pair of just scratches the surface. Also, post the interval, the moving picture derails from the plot at sure points. The period too appears longer than needed.

As associate person, Boyz a pair of hit the bulls eye for the younger audience and may be a fun watch. however if you're somebody United Nations agency loves significant cinema or mature content, you'd need to allow this one a miss.