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Rating: 2.5/5

Story: traveller boy Saleem (Parvateesam) and cab driver Parthu (Naveed) ar roommates United Nations agency hoodwink their oldsters concerning being in city and board Hyderabad instead. once they are available possession of Desa Rahasyalu, written by associate degree ex-Army major Yakub Khan (Raja Ravindran), they understand it to be one thing quite what it's and take a look at to sell it to Asian nation.

Review: Ex-Army major Yakub Khan is authorship down his expertise of thirty years on sheets of chart paper, vocation it Desa Rahasyalu and concealing a similar from his adult female for reasons unknown. On the opposite finish of Hyderabad ar Saleem and Parthu, 2 children United Nations agency faux to be abroad whenever their oldsters video decision them by standing ahead of an advert of city. However, things ar tight reception and that they got to notice how to send some cash shortly. they fight scamming individuals before coming back in possession of Desa Rahasyalu and suppose they’ve affected gold. however have they really?

‘Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram’ could be a madcap comedy that begins on a fun and lightweight note before attempting too exhausting to be one thing it's not. simply once you get accustomed the type of aggressive humour the film portrays, particularly through Saleem and his wisecracks, the film takes a flip with Aslam Bhai (Mujtaba Ali Khan)’s entry and turns into a pseudo serious film concerning desh devotion, loyalty towards oldsters, respecting Indians and what not. to not mention, by the tip of the film you’re merely left speculative why Yamini Bhaskar, terribly sincerely named Adarshi, the kind-hearted girlfriend of Parthu, even exists in an exceedingly film that has fully no area for her. particularly thus, once the sole dialogues she looks to mutter within the film sound like rip-offs; of random psychological feature quotes found on-line.

Riddled with excess scenes within the half, the film’s not-so-long-runtime appears like associate degree endless stretch. Had a tighter and a lot of centered narrative been engineered by director Murali avatar Mudidani, minus the ethical preaching, the film had the potential to be one thing else! the essential premise fenced in by Maruthi had very good potential, seeing as however ridiculous the concept of 2 skint men in Hyderabad attempting to form a fast buck by merchandising state secrets to Asian nation will be. and also the film virtually gets it right too, particularly within the half before figurative  faecal matter really hits the fan. Even once all the jokes created on-screen don’t land, the film still doesn’t bore you to death, until it will.

The music by Hari Gowra is thus on-point with the film’s theme that you just virtually don’t even notice the songs weaved into the narrative. So, congratulations to it. The thusng ‘Harilo Rangaa’ deserves special mention for being recorded thus well and inserted into the narrative so seamlessly; it doesn’t appear annoying even once the 2 protagonists run off in dance in gilded sets, among goth-chic ladies.

Parvateesam, Naveed and Raja Ravindran really nail their roles; apparently having most fun with the characters they’re offered. each single time Patvateesam's irritable character Saleem yells at associate degree inanimate object, one has the urge to laugh, despite the joke being repetitive. Yamini will associate degree okay job of the restricted screen area she has, hardly going away a bearing within the viewer’s mind. ‘Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram’ is sweet enough for a one-time watch this weekend if you’re bored and mindless comedy is your factor. Leave your brains reception for this one although and you would possibly simply relish it.

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