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Bewars is a pointless ride that confuses the viewers

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Movie Story: Lucky(Sanjosh), is nicknamed Bewars for his aimless perspective to life, by his father with whom he has regular squabbles regarding following his passion in turning into a pilot. However, things flip wet topsy once Lucky finds out that his sister(Siri) has commited a suicide, albeit suspiciously.

Movie Review: Lucky is AN physical science engineering graduate, out of work and and equally aimless whereas wiling away his time with friends. His equation together with his father is not quite rosy, for his dependence on his father's and sister's financial gain. Lucky is formed to forcefully be a part of a UPSC coaching job institute wherever he falls loving with Aaradhya (Harshitha), female offspring of the institute's chairman. His sister's(Siri) suicide comes as a rude shock to the minor. Given the suspicious nature of her death, he sets resolute realize the reality and hunt the $64000 wrongdoer behind her death. Aaradhya (Harshitha) in the meantime respects mother-nature, this contributes to her interest in collection plastic waste and making art out of it. She works as a part-time teacher at her father's coaching job institute once being affected by Lucky's persistent makes an attempt to woo her. 

Bewars may be a pointless ride, a story that continually deviates from the most plot and confuses the viewer till the top. Refusing to maneuver on the far side the old guide of a typical Telugu business film, the director Ramesh Cheppala fails to construct even one sequence that appeals to a viewer. tho' the picture show focuses on the most plot within the pre-interval parts with the suicide of Siri, there is no effort to sustain that seriousness and feeling in the slightest degree within the half. Too several uncalled-for sub-plots end up to be a serious roadblock to the most plot. Stalking is another time canonised within the name of affection. Despite jactitation of the many distinguished actors within the film, the director does not have any suggest channelising their expertise or talent.

It's solely Rajendra Prasad UN agency offers many moments of relief for the viewer, besides hummable tunes by Sunil Kasyap. However, having selling Rajendra Prasad because the distinguished face of the film, the plot does not do justice to his acting credentials. A story that could've been narrated sort of a thirty minute short film is unnecessarily stretched across 2 hours. the most important drawbacks of the film square measure its amatuer performances and pointless dialogues of the hero Sanjosh. and also the role of the heroine Harshitha is totally futile for the story wherever she's seen solely in a very few songs. The lead character for the whole story Siri, is shown in poor light-weight till her death. Bewarse is {140|one hundred forty|a hundred ANd forty} minutes of ennui that seems to be an agonising expertise for the viewer. The picture show is as aimless as its lead protagonist.

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