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If you are the sort who likes masala, but also wants to see a story in place, Ambi Ning Vyasaitho is definitely a film that could interest you.

Ambi, a former stunt master in films, lives along with his son and his family when his retirement. however the inactive mode isn't his cup of tea and Ambi sets out on a journey to seek out Nandini — the primary girl that he wanted.

Ambi Ning Vysaitho is that the remake of the Tamil film Pa Paandi. This South Dravidian adaptation has been tailored in such how that it fits the South Dravidian audience preferences and additionally works for Ambareesh’s image. it's been a jiffy since Ambareesh has done a full-fledged role during a South Dravidian film, and this one provides ample treats. there's some action, comedy and romance — all enough to induce fans excited.

The film begins with Ambi's son, Ajay, lodging a grievance that his father is missing. One is then introduced to the carefree lifetime of Ambi, a retired stunt master and a humanitarian, United Nations agency lives along with his son and his family. Ambi finds it onerous to guide the inactive mode and tries to stay himself busy with part-time jobs and additionally some cleansing of the society. one amongst his ordeals leads his son to possess AN wrangle with him, that makes Ambi pack his baggage and leave along with his bike. One later learns that Ambi yearns for his ex, Nandini, United Nations agency he sets bent realize.

It is invariably nice to envision films that have their heart firmly in situ. The emotions, then, ne'er stop to fail you. Ambi Ning Vyasaitho is one such film. whether or not it's the retired Ambi finding solace in conversations along with his grandkids or his abundant younger neighbour, or the elation when discovering social media and therefore the proven fact that he will realize his ex on-line — these square measure moments that build one grin and smile. Then there's the innocent love of young Ambi and Nandini. The awkward nevertheless desirable chemistry between Sudeep and Sruthi Hariharan makes one wish to envision a lot of of the pair and root for them. so there's the enjoyment of seeing Suhasini Maniratnam once more because the assured Nandini, United Nations agency will build men go weak within the knees — a special feeling for South Dravidian cinephiles so.

Ambi Ning Vysaitho is AN earnest try and therefore the story particularly manages to strike a chord within the half, towards the climax. it's moving that such tales square measure being written and being chosen to be created with such composure. If you're the type United Nations agency likes masala, however additionally desires to envision a story in situ, Ambi Ning Vyasaitho is certainly a movie that might interest you. After all, Ambi might need aged and it'd show in sure scenes, however seeing him sway to the catchy Hey Jaleela along with his signature zest is what an honest film expertise is all concerning.

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