Sunday, October 7, 2018




Watch this movie if you enjoy watching double entendres, with a bit of romance.

After finishing studies, a studious Hindu deity lands employment with AN MNC through field placement, however his biggest grouse is that he does not have a girlfriend. 

Aditya hails from Udupi and could be a nondrinker. He hangs out along with his friends and enjoys no matter he will in his life, without concern a lot of regarding what his peers do. Since he's an honest employee, he gets accolades at workplace. Sensing that Hindu deity desires a life partner, his father fixes his wedding. however even when obtaining married, Aditya's need to consummate it stay a far off dream, because of rituals and bound circumstances. He tries each trick within the book, but fails. Hindu deity even takes his friends suggestion, however nothing appears to figure. can he able to reach his mission? Well, that's disclosed solely within the climax (pun not intended). 

Adi Purna could be a breezy romantic comedy that's full of double entendres. The show has punchy dialogues that square measure ironical, however smart solely in patches. The story does not transcend Aditya's life, that gets restricted to geological dating a lady and obtaining married, that ne'er provides impetus to the tired story line, creating it a tedious watch. 

A broader subject that touches upon today's shallow relationships may have created a higher impact. Actor Rangayana Raghu's philosophical dialogues concerning love, relationships and wedding square measure one in all highlights of the show. Newbies Shashank K, Ahalya Suresh and Moksha Kushal have delivered their best. 

Watch this show if you fancy observation double entendres, with a small amount of romance.