Friday, September 28, 2018

In Talk: Legal Action On #KaushalArmy

In the USA, we tend to typically say each single factor ending up in Court as individuals like to sue others most of the time. recently it's trying like Asian country is additionally heading within the same direction.

Now some Facebook pages that run underneath the name #KaushalArmy ar aiming to face the music if reports ar to be believed. Actually, an organization that runs FB page of TV9 anchor Deepthi Nallamothu has confirmed that they're taking action at law on Kaushal Army. Here's their reason.

In fact, #KaushalArmy is busy inculpative that Star Maa is advisedly cornering Kaushal from a protracted time. Later they trended on Twitter that Deepthi is paying large to his company and also the company is, in turn, making pretend IDs for a lot of votes for her. They feel that Deepthi lidded Kaushal in votes thanks to that ballot and that they expressed worry that even the ultimate result can get toppled during this approach.

But the corporate management feels that they're doing solely legal stuff, providing SEO and promoting support to Deepthi's FB page from a protracted time. And feeling offensive likewise as losing name because of the accusations created by Kaushal Army, they're currently lodging a case back on this army. let's have a look at what happens.

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