Tuesday, September 25, 2018

First Look of CBN Biopic Chandrodayam

Chandrodayam is that the title of the biopic targeted on the lifetime of AP CM independent agency Chandra adult male Naidu. All of a abrupt, the announcement came and therefore the manufacturers began the shoot too. Now, the film unit launched the primary look of the film that reveals the design of Chandra adult male from the film. P Venkata Ramana is that the director of the film and GJVK Rajendra is manufacturing the film. Mohana Srija Cinemas, Swetharka Ganapathi Enterprises ar conjointly manufacturing the film.
The producer is extremely proud of the project progressing well. Vinod Nuvvula is that the actor taking part in NCBN within the film. the manufacturers expressed that they shot the film in independent agency Vari Palle, Tirupathi, Hyderabad, Amravathu, Singapore and different locations. The post-production work is presently ongoing.
The audio are move into Oct and therefore the unleash date of the film are out before long.

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