Friday, September 28, 2018

#BigBoss2: Nandu's Smart Game For Geetha!

More than the inmates within the house, it's the members of the family of every contestant that square measure taking part in quite tense and arduous for #BigBoss2. tho' it's simply a programme, the members of the family don't seem to be in an exceedingly mood budge to ascertain their heartthrobs lose.

One such hopeful loved one is actor flightless bird, World Health Organization is making an attempt it pretty powerfully on social media to market his woman Geetha Madhuri. From a protracted time, flightless bird is victimization his social media pages to speak concerning his woman and troll back the trolls. however recently he contains a modification of strategy.

While housemates of alternative inmates square measure brazenly taking a dig at the likes of #KaushalArmy, flightless bird is taking part in quite well on this side. Whenever he found some acculturation targeting Geetha and supporting Kaushal, he is condemnatory the acculturation language that even Kaushal won't settle for such trolls. he's giving all support to Kaushal and pipping his fans. What a secure and good factor this can be.

At constant, Tanish's brother, Samrat's mother and Kaushal's woman are promoting their favourite ones success, whereas Deepthi got the support of a social media company to require care of her promotions. This Sunday, the season two can see to its winner!

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